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ALL your data from ALL your Department Analysis Software & Hardware in a powerful, flexible database.

RITtrend™  Enhancements

  • Email or SMS notifications for alerts
  • More robust templates
  • Enhanced custom fields
  • Excel spreadsheet import
  • SQL Based


Be alerted via Email or SMS when added data exceeds customizable warning and failure limits or SPC control limits.

Streamlined Interface

All your common tasks such as querying, managing tolerances and SPC limits have been greatly simplified reducing clicks and time by more than 80%. The new interface allows you to efficiently visualize and manage large homogeneous data sets generated from many MLC tests in a simple and intuitive manner.

Database location flexibility

Locate your database anywhere on your local machine, network, or the cloud.

Customizable reporting

Build customized reports for compliance with TG-142 and other requirements.

Flexible queries

Improved options for finding the data you need.