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Radiological Imaging Technology

Machine QA MLC QA Patient QA Imaging QA

RIT Film & RIT Film Lite

Full suite of film dosimetry routines,
including patient & basic machine QA

Basic film analysis package

Depth Profiles
(including Electron Energy and PDD)
Cross Profiles (including Flatness/Symmetry, Penumbra, FWHM, Integrated Dose, and more)
Dose Calibration
(Perpendicular, Parallel, MLC Stepwedge, OD)
Plan-Based Calibration
Scanner Spatial Calibration
Radiochromic Film Non-Uniformity Correction
Isodose Measurements
Radiation vs. Light Field Alignment
Star Shot analysis
Quick Flatness and Symmetry
Stereotactic Cone Profiles and Cone Alignment
IMRT Image Registration
(including automatic and template based)
IMRT Measurements (including Gamma Analysis, DTA, Dose Difference, Profiles, Isodose, and more)
RunQueueA for automating IMRT Measurements
Field Alignment